Thursday, April 11, 2013

Run Between the Lines

Beat the best.
If you aren't first, good.
Run slow.
Depressing? I know.
These words of discouragement are what all my runners hear.
It's not their fault they suck, it's my fault for encouraging them.
The track is long, and they frolic like overweight cats.
If a dog was on their tail, they would lose nine lives.
Not only that, but they don't understand why their are white lines.
Those lines are meant to be barriers from each other.
Instead, they run in and out of the white lines making Bugs Bunny look like their God.
At the half lap marker, only one parasite has crossed that threshold.
It has been five minutes already, but my expectations were low anyway.
Yelling does seem to make them go faster,
However, they only encourages them to go slower.
I will never understand 4th graders...

I hope no one has ever had a gym teacher like this. I had to think, which kids would be pretty slow since they don't really care about running. The next thought was 4th grade. You know there was one kid who was decently fast, but still. Running is doing things to me...

I hope you enjoy!

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