Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Modern Lazareth

Ring around the losers
The ones they call shot callers
They think "I'm the best"
They're nothing but waste
I lay waste to them like my mothers broken vase
I knocked that thing over the other day
It felt great and looked like a piece of art
For that vase was looking at me stupid
I mistreated it when I tried to loot it
Into my bag, I run out the door
When the vase dropped, I hit the freakin' floor
I shriked like a woman
My mother came out
She yelled, "What's going on?"
I was already across my lawn
I need to sell some crap today
Make my living on some crack today
I need to make some crap today
Make my living on knickknacks today
Out comes a hobo, staring into my soul
I ask him to move it, but he grabs my roll
Is a hobo trying rob me?
Not today buddy, I'm on him like a cotton swab
I speed across the high way
Dodging traffic left and right
A golden prius comes into my sight
Before I make a dive across these hazards
I turn around and act like Lazareth

I believe the person in this story is crazy. While he has bad intentions, he does still have a strong faith. Though a Hobo robbed him, he continued to believe he could be invincible after a car hits him. If four days pass after his car accident, I have a feeling he may not live.

I hope you enjoy!

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