Friday, April 19, 2013

Underwater Levels Suck

Once in the ocean, your speed is unmatched.
Soaring through the water like a submarine.
Each bubble is enticing since it gives you life.
Each creature can be brutle without a fight.
Look out for needles, and counter too.
You do not want to be over blued.
With your feet running as fast as they can,
They will not stop with the controller in your hand.
Jump up for air, before the counter reaches zero.
Give Sonic life, so he can be a hero.

This is a tribute to Sonic and ALL THE LEVELS THAT ARE UNDERWATER AND SUCK! I hate those levels the most. I get lost and die most of the time. Sigh, I love Sonic though. He is the Mario of Sega.

I hope you enjoy!

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