Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Up So Close

Up so close
To my face
Instead you see lace
Turn around and run
The future is clear
Right in front of you
Instead you frown
It should be upside down
Two little words
Are they so hard to say
No matter the time and day
"I do" not make mistakes
So far away
At a bus station in May
The sun is setting
With people all etching
Words similar to your vows
You head back South
Up so close
To my beautiful face
You see my lace
Turn around and kiss me

With all the weddings happening and such, I thought this would be appropriate. Two of my good friends are getting married soon and it is going to be pretty awesome. I had a CAKE song stuck in my head writing this. If you sing it to "Up So Close," it makes more sense.

I hope you enjoy!

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