Monday, April 29, 2013

What's Under the Sheets

Under the sheets again,
You must be hiding from monsters.
They come out at night to get you,
Steal your lunch money break through
Your tiny inch of fear "protection."
A slight tear comes down the sheet.
Instead of running, you hit the monster with your feet.
The monster cries and screams aloud,
"Why did you kick me," the monster says with doubt.
The child kicks again, and the monster starts to run,
But the child does not stop, it grabs a toy gun.
The child shoots clear, their father taught them well.
The child practices on stuff animals; especially on that Tigger he hates.
Nerf darts fly, winding and true
The monster starts to leave and cries out, "BOO WHO!"
Before the monster leaves, it whispers one thing:
"Until next time child, I'll scare you again!"

Monsters are scary. I don't think I was afraid of any. I was more afraid of Zombies when I saw my brother playing the first Resident Evil. That freaked me out!

I hope you enjoy!

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