Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Dogs Tale

Stuck in a rut with no way out
I stop on the rug and begin to pout
My cries go unheard and it's absurd
Why my owners ignore my greasy snout

I demolished the pizza in a flash
My owners ceased me with a whiplash
Of angry and a hit on my nose
I run out the door after that bash

I followed a mate to make my move
Before I knew it, I was long over due
A man in brown snatched me up
I'm in a cage, this is deja vu

My owner came with ten minutes to spare
I was about to be put down, life can be unfair
My owner hugged me with all of their might
It strange how the little one is the only one who cares

First perspective of a dog could be a funny feeling. We don't know how they really feel unless we see emotions in their face or leg moving really fast. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like as a dog.

I hope you enjoy!

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