Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Spiky, Yellow-Haired Boy

A spiky, yellow-haired boy came out of the bushes with a giant sword. I thought, "How can a person of his stature carry such a heavy sword." I decided not to question his hair since everyone had weird hair in this town (the other day, I saw a weapon attached to one's arm). Random music came out of nowhere. Did the spiky, yellow-haired boy have a radio in his back pocket? He draws his giant sword. I thought, "Is he really challenging me?" He slashes at me a few times I start to fade. However, I have a surprise for him.

KABOOM! That showed him...

The spiky, yellow-haired boy lived. Cue celebration music.

If you know your video games, I believe you know the video game and characters within my prose poem. This is how I view some of the monsters from the game. Poor, poor Bomb.

I hope you enjoy!

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