Monday, May 13, 2013

I Kept Running

I stand at the starting line waiting to start my day
Running is a hobby of mine, but I'm living in a dream
Each step I take is another piece of reality slipping
The tireder and more out of breath I get
The more I tend to see less with every misstep
Mistakes have been made, trips have been taken
When I fall down, I tend to catch myself
However, when you are running at full speed
Life can be held on by a thread
"Watch where you are going!"
"Have a nice trip!"
 Boom, I hit the ground at full force
Without realizing my shoes were tied together
Which little munchkin tied them together

A newly found father among the father's in the world. He is used to doing things on his own. Running was once his hobby, but with kids, it's a little hard.

I hope you enjoy!

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