Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lazy America

Walking, it's something we do everyday. No matter the speed or difficulty, we still walk. It starts in our youth and leads to our deathbed. No matter how far ahead you think you are, you are still walking. Wherever you walk to, make sure it is with purpose. Try not to walk all over people, though it could be purposeful. Walking over people can hurt them emotionally and physically. Try to glide over those feelings. Maybe do the electric slide. Strut your stuff and look fly. Stay fly when you walk. If you learned to fly, continue to walk because walking is better. If asked, "Let's take a walk," you should put on your walking shoes. You can't turn down a walk. What has hurt people enough to make them not want to walk. Lazy America, why don't you walk more?

Walking is something I observe everyday at my job. I wish I did more of it, but when I take a break, I take a walk. It's nice to get on your feet and just go somewhere. If you have 15 minutes to spare, go walk somewhere, especially when it's a nice day outside.

I hope you enjoy!

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