Friday, May 31, 2013

My Previous Assistant

Exquisitely apprehensive,
The man corresponds to his previous assistant.

My Dearest [insert name here],

Through thick and thin, you have been there for me. When I asked for a coffee, it was on my desk promptly. We discussed current events, you enjoyed editing my contents, and prevent me hitting send when responding to a previous assistant.

Signed, [insert name here]

Exquisitely intrigued,
The previous assistant responds to her former apprehensive boss,

Dear [insert name here?],

Why did you forget my name? Is that too much for your new assistant to put in the template? If I had some coffee, I would throw it in your face. If there was a current event, I hope you were part of that event so I didn't have to see you at work. Your contents were always flawed. While I did prevent you to send this template to a past assistant, I'm surprised I received my own letter I wrote for you to send to your previous assistant.

Signed, your previous assistant

Another experimental poem, or would you call this a prose poem? I'm not really sure, but after I wrote the first two lines, I was set on writing a funny letter where the "boss" forgot to read his email to send to his previous assistant. Having a reply adds to the hilarity I see in this poem.

I hope you enjoy!

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