Thursday, May 16, 2013


Retirement, realignment, retribution
Three words that plague his ego
After retirement, he fears the worst
He will have to realign his life
Start unfathomable hobbies
This retribution is his death bed
His fellow coworkers pursue retirement
But he fears his sanity will out
The realignment within the office
Will be one of the best things
The office has seen since Y2K
He wasn't the worst at his job
But he did enjoy making everyone work
Which led to his problematic retribution
Will he accept his retirement?
In time, he supposes.
Will he accept his realignment?
In time, he purposes.
Will he accept his retribution?
No, not until his deathbed.

I was listening to the radio and the word "retirement" came up. I forgot who was retiring, most likely Beckham or someone not important. After that, I thought of two words and went off it. The man in this poem was not liked very well as you can see. To throw in my descriptive lines would make this poem much longer, but I thought it got the point across. When is the last time someone remembers Y2K? It wasn't that long ago, was it?

I hope you enjoy!

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