Friday, June 14, 2013

Another Phantom

The whip and lash out of younger children
Makes each day long and adoring
We teach them the necessary skills to survive this godforsaken place
To rupture spleens, take names, and shoot straight
What do we get in return
Drunks, bad habits, ruthless smiles, and unimaginable body odor
I cannot justify my smell nor habits being this bad
However it is our job to teach no matter their age
It saddens me when I see one of the youngsters fail
It only means more beatings from his comrades than from his teachers
I remember being that young and staying out of the groups
Only once did I receive a broken toe
In the worst possible way
I've seen broken fingers, bruised ribs, even burnt cig marks on legs
This is a painful world we live in
And this jungle is not big enough for all of us
We fight to survive

This is a sad poem, but I think it could be real. I was inspired by the new MGS5 video that came out that showed children as soldiers. I thought I would take the first person view of one of their trainers.

I hope you enjoy!

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