Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bumper Sticker

The foreseeable future is not affordable
Says the quasi-good guy with "feel good" taped to his dirty bumper
I take this penny, but it's not worth one cent
I take this 1929 buffalo nickel and I am rich
Money is not worth my time nor effort
I hope I don't wind up in a ditch because of peer pressure
Buy this and buy that my friends always say
All I want to do is save money, but not today
I'll spend it on supper, brunch and afternoon delights
I'll spend it on whatever I want without being polite
When it comes to my hobbies, they can sit and die
I won't let money end my life and suck me dry

I had no idea what to name this poem at first. However, I feel like the actual bumper sticker means a lot more to this poem than what is being conveyed.

I hope you enjoy!

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