Sunday, June 30, 2013

Choose, Choose, Choose Me

Studious Ralph yearned for some learning
Before he knew it, pencils were his best friend
Glue could be used in every situation
Markers not only were permanent
But tasted good too
Hand holding felt different
When it wasn't your ma or pop
Milk can be shot from your nose and eyes
Meatloaf was not only food, but a band
Being beat up by a girl never felt so good
Especially when that girl chose, chose
Chose him to be his only Valentine
He will never give up fitting in and finding a friend
When he falls down, he forgets the past
When he gets back up, he's onto a new task
Studious Ralph looks to become Chief someday
Until then, keep on trucking Ralph
Your next train will soon pull in

Who doesn't know or like Ralph from the Simpsons? He's a great character. If I knew someone like him, I'd befriend them instantly. His comic relief has been some of the best moments in the first 13 seasons of the Simpsons (I don't consider anything after 13 to be the Simpsons really).

I hope you (choose, choose, choose me) enjoy!

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