Friday, June 28, 2013

Got Slots

I hit nano machines with a fistful of consciousness
Coins flow out the seams of my lustful lips
Pull my lever and journey to the other side
Where time is forgotten, but it is a fun ride

The lights, the sounds will life you from your seat
Instead of floating on cloud nine you mimic the last person feat
What satanic secret do they hold
Winning is all that matters, I am told

Line three up and catch a glimpse at your future
I may not be a fortune teller, but lure another person
With my cold hard steel and flashing lights
How can you not pull my lever without a fierce fight

Look, another winner
Look, what a loser
Look, jackpot
Look, pure luck

I may be a game, but the game of life is your dealing
Come to the bright side and with feeling
I am only a machine and demand your Achilles heel 

I wrote this one really late at night. I had the first line written months ago, but didn't know where it should go. It got me thinking, what about slots? I know slots can't talk or think, but if they could, they may sound like this.

I hope you enjoy!

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