Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hipster Starbucks

I'm at a Starbucks
Filling up my cache
The world is doomed
When I sit on my lazy ass
What am I doing here
I'm writing a freakin epic
So epic you hear
Me type like a fool on a hectic
Timeline, schedule
I need to find my dates
Without them, I'm lost
This could be big mistake
I'm writing for the youth
I'm writing for my generation
I'm writing for the Starbucks League of Nations
We all look the same
Hipster with barely a shirt
V-necks the way
Don't disrespect, it hurts
I wear corny shoes
With literal corn all over them
I'm the first hipster
Who has corn stalks condemn
So that makes me hip
And stirs a little trouble
Birds always pecking on my feet
I've learned more than once to leap first
And fly last
My order is ready
I better stop typing
I'm getting soy decaf cinnamon dolce latte on

I thought this would be fun. Write a mini-rap about a hipster who loves his coffee and writing in a Starbucks. I see many people type in Starbucks, and most people make fun of them. I've considered doing this (writing in a Starbucks), but I'm not a huge fan of coffee, so I may get kicked out for providing no business.

I hope you enjoy!

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