Friday, June 28, 2013

Pucker Up

Lips search methodically for a new set of lips
Without knowing the touch of another pair
The lips will shrivel up and chap
There is not enough balm in the world to unchap these lips

The lips are not looking for any succulent lips
They are wanting something real and meaningful
What are lips without some flaws
A scratch or burn mark has always enthralled these lips

One question for the lips is a bite
Will the lips deny or abide the light nibble
If blood ensures, then kiss the teeth goodbye
If pleasure is found, bite as hard as implied

Big or small, wide or tall, lips are all shapes and sizes
Pink or white, black or brown, lips are all different colors
The lips are not racists against other lips
As long as the other lips understand the situation

To kiss or not to kiss is not the question
With whom is the forethought
With you is an afterthought
The lips are now in sync

I wrote this last poem late last night along with the other two. This one was weird. I'm not sure where I got lips from. I guess I wanted the poem to sound weird, almost as if the lips were very picky about who they kiss.

I hope you enjoy!

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