Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Smell You Later

Whenever I enter the building
A mass of people begin to stare
I'm not sure what I am doing wrong
I occasionally wear tight shirts and short shorts
But I believe the problem could be hereditary
Where is my father when I need him

What is that smell?

My father taught me how to dress and act
I try to wash my hair everyday
Clean up nice for the hundreds of ladies
I'm always trying to score and get laid
Whenever approached, I'm very polite
My diet consists of all things green
If I stare hard enough, I can see the stench
Did I forget my ultra-conservative deodorant

What is that smell?

I ran into the bathroom as fast as I can
I start to panic in this odoriferous bathroom
The smell is appalling yet appealing at the same time
I begin to smell every inch of my body
Under the legs, my shoulders, discolored hands
I finally smelled under my axilla 

What is that smell? 

I looked up some more poetry forms and found one called "The Bop." The main things it must have is three stanza 6, 8, 6 and one repeating line after each stanza. The main point is to state the problem in the first stanza, the second stanza is back story of the problem and third stanza is resolving the issue. Each one line should have a different meaning. This is a newer form, but it sure was fun to write about B.O.

I hope you enjoy!

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