Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I stole a shoe
An imaginary shoe
Where my little brother puffs
And feels like a fool
I hid his shoe
So nobody could find it
He cried all night
My shoeless brother Simon
I took his shoe
His imaginary shoe
I ate his shoe
His metaphorical shoe
I felt his power, pride and shame
Why does this shoe
Hurt my diaphragm
I have his shoe
It hurts and make me blue
I told Simon about the shoe
He, too, was also blue
When I gave back his shoe
His imaginary shoe
He felt better
As I did too

What is the shoe? This little song I wrote sounds like a children's song in my head, but the shoe is very valuable. It is interesting since I never really wanted to shoe to be what is being said. But deep down, that shoe very important.

I hope you enjoy!

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