Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Squirrel Lee

The lethal squirrel jumps from the shadows
While doing karate moves, the squirrel remembers
What his master had taught him
"Remember the ways of Bruce Lee"
The squirrel pulls out some yellow thread
And ties a knot around his head
Now he is ready
The Bruce Lee-like squirrel corners his prey
Not realizing that this is not the way of Bruce
He decides to charge
With one fatal swoop
He slashed across the cupule
Nibbles around the pericarp and its coat
Finally, he digs into the most succulent part
The cotyledons
The lethal Bruce Lee-like squirrel bows
And hides the rest of the acorn for another day

This was funny to write about. A squirrel who likes Bruce Lee that much. I had to look up some scientific terms for an acorn, but I think I got the point across.

I hope you enjoy!

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