Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Theoretical Approach

From a theoretical approach,
The rational human being is reproached.
"Why are you looking at me like I'm crazy?"
He is wearing a straight jacket and a broach
That his coach bought him the day before last.
Now, his coach was no ordinary coach.
The coach encroached his students
With authority, heart to heart talks
And sexual devices no one would believe.
This included, but not necessarily absentminded,
Roche from the great Piedmount region in Italy.
Instead of pouring the tasty red liquid in a glass
The coach merrily poured the liquid into a sports bottle.
Each player was meant to eat loach once a day
With poached eggs and their special sports bottle.
One student found out what the coach was doing.
While trying to out his beloved coach,
The reproached human being was theoretically wrong.
He was the coach all along.

This was a crazy idea that came about. One of my co-workers was working on something and said, "theoretical approach." After that, I went from there. I looked up some rhyming words with approach and inserted as many as I could. This sure felt uncomfortable to write.

I hope you enjoy!

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