Friday, June 28, 2013

The Tin Man and Scarecrow Man

A tin man's friend the scarecrow man
Conjures spirits; meaningful wishes

Though the tin man needs oil
His imaginary heart beats with passion
The compassion from others makes his heart real
A stead beat that pacemakers can't compete with
Thump thump; thump thump

The scarecrow man needs a brain but complains about a heart
While a brain will help him think and do
His right to a heart is more fruitful than hay
Sometimes you love without a brain and only think with your redeeming heart
Thump thump; thump thump

Neither man has a brain nor wants one
A heart is what they are aching for
Itching for a new experience to feel
Beyond any experimentation done to them
With this heart, they can love
Not just one another
But another lover to spend their
Squeaky hay days with
Thump thump; thump thump

I wrote the first line of this poems months ago, but did not know what else to write. Last night, I stayed up very late and finally had some inspiration. A lot of stuff is going on so some of it can be seen in this poem I believe.

I hope you enjoy!

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