Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Wolfpack

The sunsets and the stars are out
My wolfpack buddies begin to howl
We decided to take to the streets
Earn some bank
But then a wild wolfpack decided to elate

These lady wolfs had a strut that made us bark
We howled their way from deep in our hearts
Instead of coming over, they walked away
We chased after them, we wanted to play

One bit back, so I barked with concern
The lady had bite, but I wouldn't learn
I tried to use my eyes to get her attention
She ran away which created more tension

I ran, and ran, came to a dead end
She was nowhere in sight, I was just looking for a friend
When I walked back to find my wolfpack
They were all gone and I had an anxiety attack
The lady wolf I followed found me in the brushes
She comfort me, I was calm, she made be blush

This was an interesting poem. When i first thought of the wolfpack, I thought about referring to men. Instead, I went for the literal sense. I'm not sure why...all I can imagine though are cute wolves now.

I hope you enjoy!

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