Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Acting Out

A duo, a match made in Heaven
Nothing can stop the two from ruling the world
In the beginning, both played goodie-two-shoes
One decided a boat was fitting
The other enjoyed the rain splitting
Both loved getting the damsel
Throughout their career
Each has had the good life
Making out with the hottest women
Keeping buff, a driven image
One day, the duo decided to change
They wanted to be bad boys and derange
One decided to play a billionaire, corrupted as ever
The other enjoyed driving, a straight shot endeavor
A duo, a match, once made in Heaven
Nothing can stop the two from changing the world

Who am I talking about? I noticed throughout history that a couple of actors have changed in nearly the same exact way. Both started out as the "good guys," but now the two like to play gritty parts. Leo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling are changing.

I hope you enjoy!

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