Monday, July 22, 2013

Bug Out

Whenever I see a bug
I bug out
Run to the bathroom
And scrub about
Bugs are the devil
They were dug out
From the depths of hell
I run out
Eight legs, six legs
Hairy legs, long legs
Hide under the rug
I'm going fry you like a scotch egg
My legs are longer
And most likely hairier
Bugs, you're about to die
I hate to have barriers
I see one behind some glass
It has to die
I see one in the shower
It has to drown
I see one on the bed
I'll flick you off
I see one on my head
I bug out

I would say this is more like a short funny song. I believe I could add more about how bugs creep people out. I'm not a fan of them, but I have no problem with them outside my home. If I see one though, they must die.

I hope you enjoy!

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