Monday, July 29, 2013

Clinton Road

Have you ever been too late
Where the cumbersome bus stop rolling around
The lights flicker and flash with enthusiasm
Drunks do the wave while flabbergasted
The red light district lights go out
Deranged fellow roaming about
Pushers need shoving, pullers need plunging
Pickpockets need their rest to be at their best
Each street is invested with hobo infested
Rats cling to each other, birds of a feather
Shops are closed unless you need clothes
The homeless shelter is overburden
A pack of wild dogs own the streets
You are stranded on Clinton Road
Route 23 could be the end of the show
If a phantom or boy creeps up on you
Have you ever been too late

There is a road in New Jersey called Clinton. This road is known to be haunted by a phantom truck and boy. This sounds like a road I will not want to be at.

I hope you enjoy!

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