Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gambino Bingo

Hey, mine name is Gambino
I like to gamble my bling
Yo, where is the bingo?

Hey, this taste like ass
Not a mamasita
Poor yourself a glass
Or I'm gonna beat ya
At bingo

I-26, B-31, G-shit
I can't believe I won
Where is my prize
A measly fifty-one

I need another drink
To wash down the fun
I'm gonna play again
Come one O-21

How could she win
If I already won
They checked her card
But the deed was already done

I cheated her out
Three-Fifty and won
I walked out with class
With a glass of 151
Bingo is fun

This short little rap is about a cheater. I wonder if you can really cheat a bingo? Maybe this place doesn't keep track of its winners.

I hope you enjoy!

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