Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Legal Test

My redeeming quality...
What deems a quality to re-up?
These questions make me not want to interview.
Who was the first President of the United States?
Where is the capital in Texas?
When was Texas its own country?
None of these questions make me want to stay here.
I feel like I am treated like a rat, a mongrel.
Cook, clean, scrub, rice and beans,
I appear at the scene with tattered clothes.
My jeans look good when dirty.
These hands have done things others can't imagine.
My mother and father would be proud of me;
Making a name for myself and working towards a family.
How many States made up the Union?
I hope I don't get graded to harshly on this exam.

I've heard the test for becoming a US citizen is HARD. Most people who live in the US probably can't pass it, which is sad. Also, I hate tests.

I hope you enjoy!

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