Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Political Agenda

What is the meaning of life, but two figures destined from nonchalant bureaucracy.
One takes the life of another while the other distinguishes from the rest.
A life is brittle and carries consequences when a fallen foe forges a new power.
Build a wall, tear it down. Build an empire, tear it down. Build a political stance, tear it down.
Under one nation, the two figures create a coalition to destroy said bureaucracy.
Savage men will dance in fire. Prestigious women will mend the savages.
The new power will overtake the bureaucracy and create a resolution, a cause, a theory.
What theory will produce results and does this cause stand for a resolution or revolution?
When the two figures meet, paths cross. They come to terms for the better of their Union.
The bureaucracy has fallen. An empire is in their midst. Politics will never be the same.
What is the meaning of life, but two figures destroying a nonchalant bureaucracy.

This free verse poem was an odd one. I'm not sure where I got inspiration from. I wrote the first line last night for fun, and went from there. I don't know much about politics... I hope you enjoy!

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