Friday, July 5, 2013

Red Rover Dwight

Red rover, red rover let Howard come over
He crushes opponents and acts like a drover
When big herds of sheep flock to his feet
He takes one giant leap deep into the paint
With a loud roar, he does his chore
By dunking on opponents with dazzling galore
But beware the man who starts with a plan
And makes up controversy everywhere he stands
Goodbye Dwight, I hope its been a good flight
You make fans cry in light of your efforts
Fix your freethrows and yell with more jeer
Who will you be come this next year

The inspiration is pretty clear. As much as I want the Mavs to have him, it seems like the news is saying he won't come here. I hope he plays terrible wherever he goes if it's not here.

I hope you enjoy!

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