Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Redheads and Deadheads

Orange redheads appeal to the deadheads
Where the dead walk the earth
And Reds win championships
Orange you glad we have baseball
When the dead walk the earth
And kill every person within 90 feet
The base runners goal is not only to beat the ball
But to avoid the dead roaming the field
If you get to home plate without a scratch
You are quite literally safe from flesh eating monsters
They may want your brains, but when they smell a redhead
The only thing that appeals to them is their hair
Deadheads have a fabulous life
Wearing red hair they tear off their victims heads
They will tear off their own hair if it isn't red
If you are not a redhead, you are not attractive
The deadheads will go a step further
And find the orange glow that goes best with their undead skin
They have bones sticking out, but it doesn't deter from the truth
Deadheads are redheads

In this poem, zombies are called "deadheads." I'm not sure why redheads appeal to them, but they do. I wanted to include the baseball scenario since baseball players wouldn't actually play during this mass chaos. Also, the Reds would never actually win a championship, so there's that.

I hope you enjoy!

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