Monday, July 15, 2013

Shark Tornado

Have you ever walked out side; it's beautiful weather
Turning wave tides all throughout the Summer
The sun is warm and the beach is loud
Nobody on the planets needs to shroud in fear
You have seen Snakes on a Plane
Giant mutant spiders
But be careful of the sharks
In the tornado
They fly in the sky ever so high
Drop from the sky, you're about to die
They can land on top of you, eat your arm
Blood will spill all across your lawn
If you see one in a swimming pool
You should run to higher ground before they eat you
If you see one on the interstate
Stay as far as you can away so you won't be bait
"My boyfriend was eaten"
 Eff that
"My girlfriend lost a leg"
Fix that
"My son was eaten whole"
Chainsaw that
"I can blow up tornado's?"
Do that

Who knew that sharks in a tornado would be possible. Sharknado was a wonderful movie and I found out today that the director did it as a joke. I'm very happy to hear that.What next terrible movie should I watch...

I hope you enjoy!

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