Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Spit On The Ground

Spit, spit, I'm gonna spit
This is something I do
I'm gonna spit
On the ground, ground, the cold hard ground
I'm gonna spit on the cold hard ground
Slip, slip, you're gonna slip
You're gonna slip on my spit that's on the ground
Fall, fall, you're gonna  to fall
Fall into my arms before you hit the ground
Make out, make out, we gonna to make out
You feel into my arms
And we are gonna to make out
Slap, slap, why did you slap me
I caught you before you hit the ground
Run, run, you can't run from me
I'm gonna catch you
And spit on the ground

This was inspired by The Lonely Island. I love this band, and wish I could rap like them. I'm halfwhite, so I'm halfway there right?

I hope you enjoy!

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