Friday, July 12, 2013

The Band Hall

The reverb reverts to the previous room
Recollection of the music will result in failure
Where the acoustics is lost in translation
No sound at all as if a tree has fallen
If reverb was there and no one hears
Will it revert to its original state
The entire room shakes with monumental music
Reverb stays within its walls
Recollection of the music may result in failure
But the walls speak of memorable notes
Strings breaking, unclear rhythms
Band fighting, group moshing
It is clear that the room still has reverb

When you go into a concert hall or practice room, do you ever think about all the music that was played in there? The walls may remember everything, but the sound is gone. It's like a supernatural feel sometimes. I have a feeling more musicians feel this than normal people.

I hope you enjoy!

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