Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Game: Work

Managing the unmanageable is unimaginably hard
The staff around here tears me apart
When I look at a coworker, I fear for the worst
My job is in their hands like a preparatory course
Hey, that's my pen, and computer chair too
They always fight and act the fool
When lunch comes around try not to panic
The ship is starting to sink like the Titanic
I cannot walk around this office without seeing
Another employee lounging, another sleeping
And do not get me started on their work ethic
They are slow as a turtle and pathetic
I have walked by one employee in particular
I believe they were studying for something extracurricular
And perpendicular to this employee was a hardcore gamer
They always die by my hands, this is no disclaimer
Bugs can be a problem throughout the office
When you find one you kill it and take the losses
The pay is not great, but we do what we like
These video games are nothing but my life

It took me until the final lines or so to figure out what this poems job would be. Finally, a video game tester came to mind. Do they act like this? Probably not. However, I can only imagine what their life could be like.

I hope you enjoy!

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