Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Way of The Road

Further and further, the drive will stay
I may never get away
From what feeling, what corrupted dealing
An everlasting ceiling
Clouds seem further now
I never dream of stars
Only moments in time where time speeds up
I stop for no one, but myself
I run over everyone, but myself
I trust the One, but myself
Loop 288 tends to be busy
35 is the devil on tar
Do not get me started on 635
Life in a car makes me want to die
I saw a crash the other day
That makes three in a week
Which makes 20 this month
Only to leave 147 unreported this year so far
Try not to speed
The road is a hell of a place to die

I'm not sure what inspired this. This poem was intended to be about one thing, but shifted to another. I want to say this is a cops life sometimes, but could it also be a drivers thoughts too. Life is funny when you drive so much. Making trips from Wylie to Addison was tough, but I got through it.

I hope you enjoy!

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