Wednesday, July 10, 2013

TV Blogging

B is for Bill an overused name
L is for a character that gets caught
O is for the astonished looks on televisión
G is for my homie that I named
G is for a brand new Generation
I is for the robot not named Will
N is for programing only for teens
G is for every audience

To be honest, I forgot what type of poem this could be. I think it is a list poem, but I could be wrong. I hope you get all the references. If not, I'll list them:

B - True Blood or any form of TV with the main character having the name Bill
L - Deathnote
O - Expressions on Spanish Soap Operas
G - Slang terms
G - Girls' Generation or how the newer Generations just enjoy TV so much
I - iRobot
N - The N or TeenNick
G - Rated G for General Audiences

I hope you enjoy!

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