Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Working Everyday

Memories refresh when drive to work
How am I doing the same thing every morning
I get out of bed, stare at my bed head
Put on my undershirt and socks at the same time
Dress all spiffy with a great neck tie
Do my hair like it is 1999
Eat my breakfast or forget about breakfast
Grab my lunch and run out the door
Walk down 13 steps, maybe I miss one
Step into my car with disgruntlement
Turn on the radio after starting the car
Start the car and drive to work
It takes 5 minutes, but clearly there are students
Avoid them since they are a nuisance
Park my car away from the sun
Get out of my car and power walk to work
I'm in such a hurry because we got gates
I don't work in the billing department which is great
I grab some water and take a seat
My day starts off and I'm already beat
Memories refresh after I drive to work
I work my ass off, but come off as murk in the morning

This is basically my schedule. I'm usually not murky since I do enjoy my job, but I can be straight to the point.

I hope you enjoy!

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