Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Cloudy Reminder

I saw a cloud today
Sure, there are hundreds in view
But this one reminded me of you
It did not form into a face or object
I just looked up and smiled
I am pretty sure the people around me
Thought I was crazy
But I don't care
I saw what I saw
A cloud that reminded me of you
It was as bright as the moon last night
But instead of orange
It was white
The blue backdrop was beautiful
I think if I stared long enough
I would have cried
I want to say I would cry because
Of its beauty
But in reality
My eyes would either dry up
Or the Sun would blind me
As corny as this all my sound
I catch myself staring at you
Not only face to face
But in the cloud too
As Paul would say:
I've got my feet in the clouds
Got my head on the ground

Another happy poem. If you know Paul McCartney, you will understand the final two lyrics. I was feeling pretty good that day.

I hope you enjoy!

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