Sunday, August 25, 2013

Board Problems

I feel so ignored, ignored like a board
I sit outside waiting in the blazing sun
Will somebody please sit on me
Even a tiny insect will cure my loneliness
Eat me, termites or better yet, ants take pieces of me
I feel like an attention whore
But how can that be when I look like a door
People can walk through me, at me, never pay much attention
Throw your weight into me, I may fall into a benching state
I am not ashamed or appalled, just tired of waiting
A passbyer is hugging a friend, want to sit one me again
No, they keep on walking
This is possibly the worst day of the year
Maybe some kids will jump on me
At least it would get me out of this funk
Birds, I see you hopping around the street
Come with me if you want to live and pop a seat
It is starting to rain or is that me leaking sap
No, it's a person, when did they fall right into my lap
My day has been made but I'll go back to this state tomorrow
Everyday is the same, for a board untamed

I have a lot to update today. I'll try to catch up. I wrote this and the next three poems in a matter of 30 minutes or so.

I hope you enjoy!

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