Sunday, August 25, 2013

Boss Says What

I am so excited
I just have to hide it
I am at work and my boss is right behind me
If they see how excited I am
Then I am done for
I will have questions fired at me
Left and right
Answers I do not have will come out
My life is my own, so please
Let us not talk about it
It is not like my boss is not cool
But I do not feel comfortable
Instead of calling this sexual harassment
I will call it mentality harassment
If I stare at my screen long enough
My boss will live
I smiled
Questions come from everywhere
Why did I smile?
Because I can?
Why are you so happy?
Because I am?
Why do you seem so distraught?
I am not ma'am
Whew, I think I did okay
"Please come into my office"
Crap, there goes my lunch

I enjoy my work and boss, so this is nothing against her. I just don't like being asked tons of questions sometimes haha.

I hope you enjoy!

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