Sunday, August 25, 2013

Confidence Is A Video Game

They say it's my birthday
Whoopie freakin doo
I've had all the birthdays I need
I remember the past five or so
That's good enough for me
The further I age
The more complex my image
Mind and emotions beckon
It's not my fault
But situation do arise
I read a book and it evokes
Emotions that I have never seen
If I read that same book when I was ten
I would kick my older self in the groin
And tell him to man up
I sound like I had a lot of confidence back then
However, confidence does has it's levels
Am I confident in my job?
Yes, I produce, provide and feel privileged working here
Am I confident with video games?
Very, I play, practice and protrude greatness on levels
Exceeding average gamers
Am I confident with women?
Always, yet sometimes
Confidence is a tricky matter when dealing with life
When I stop thinking
My confidence erupts into great things
However, thinking is all I have left
So my confidence is shot time and time again
Does this hurt me?
No, it can only make me stronger
Confidence is like a video game
I work hard, keep trying, never giving up
On one level until I reach the ending goal
Confidence is infinite
Life is not

Confidence is a tricky subject. I believe some people get it confused with "action" or "obsession." Video games can be the same exact way. I'm sure I could make this poem even better when I come back to it.

I hope you enjoy!

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