Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crazy Party Man

Lighten up the party with a kick to the face
Throw a beer at the fridge and blame the outsider
Take your shoe off and feed a victim; that smell
See that dog? Let it out the front door
Feed the parrot to the overweight orange tabby
Puncture the brand new 60 inch with a controller
High five every ass in sight, men and women
Play fisty cups with a person two times your size
Bash a beer can on a person's chin and laugh
Recite Yiddish tunes on a three stringed guitar
Piss all over the bathroom and throw up in the front yard
Get kicked in the face while running outside
Go to Whataburger and wait for a police escort
You are in jail buddy

My friends and I have a party coming up soon. I am pretty excited. None of this stuff will happen, but it would be funny if we saw it happen at a party.

I hope you enjoy!

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