Friday, August 9, 2013

Doritos, Yeah

Have you ever wanted a big bag of Doritos?
Torpedo to the pantry like a mosquito
Your blood bleeds orange with cheesy goodness
Do not decline your date, that is rudeness
Give me that pudding, I'll throw it on the ground
Kerplat, I stomped it, my foot went to town
Looking around the apartment I can't find my chips
I asked my roommate and he licked his lips
Could he have taken them, eaten them softly
That cheesy goodness is all but apathy
I run out the door, find the closest dumpster
I dived right, I'm covered in mustard
I find a bag of chips, they look like mine
I found the marking where I leave it all the time
My roommate at my chips and it's time to kill
He is going to get it like Jessica Biel
I rush into his room and shout real loud
"Those were my chips motha, don't feel all proud"
I plowed through his clothes and clenched his throat
I could smell my chips even when he gloats
Before he passes it out, I find a bag of chips
He bought me some new ones, I now have my fix

Chips man, hell of a drug. I haven't had some Doritos in a long time. Maybe I'll buy some soon. Off brand Doritos from Kroger are amazing though, try them.

I hope you enjoy!

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