Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dr. Tattoo

"Caring is the first steps to recovery," murmured the doc with a nose ring and skull tattoo on his neck. I had to ask him how he earned his practice. Not many doctors look like this genuine dapper man. He explained his civil suites, paramedic training, doctor blogging and loss of a loved one. He does not care what people think about him since he gets his job done.

He helps the sick and needy, no matter the insurance. He has taken many patients in as friends, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. Being an only child, he had standards to live by. Being the first doctor in the family, he had no standards to live up by.

Being an old tattoo junkie, he has no standards to who he sees on a daily basis. This doctor inspired my new tattoo. I thought of someone I cared deeply about. I thought of something that someone cared deeply about. My tattoo is something I care about, more than anyone else will.

I wrote this prose poem a while back. I could have been thinking about a doctor show when I wrote it, but I really cannot remember how I wrote this.

I hope you enjoy!

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