Thursday, August 29, 2013

Go Somewhere or Nowhere

There are two roads that lead to somewhere
If you go one direction, the other leads to nowhere
Will you choose wisely or base it off irrelevant truths
No one can lead you toward one way or the other
But if that happens, you may be living a lie
Persuasion is all around you, along with dedication
You can dedicate yourself to one way
But going the other way will be a hard journey
No matter which you choose, look closely at your heart
Forget what everyone says and lead, not follow
You may get information opinions
You may get forgettable opinions
You may get formidable opponents
But what you choose is what matters
Not what others want from you
There are two roads that lead to somewhere
Instead of going nowhere, go somewhere

I think I can relate to this, but I'm not sure. I was a little sad when writing this I believe. As much as I want it to be inspiring, it probably is not.

I hope you enjoy!

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