Monday, August 5, 2013

One Two Thre Four Five Steps

One two three four five steps
Down the cliff with less of a mess
Take ten steps back, only fifteen are left
Until you reach the unknown waterfall

The ducks may drown but you turn your straight frown
Around to the next person in line
Flocking together with one another
Is better than slipping off the edge of the world

No matter the trip, the fall or steps
You will end up on the ground in distress
Will someone catch you or would you rather bring them along
This tall order is no clef to stay on

Walk those fifteen steps and never look back
Face your torment with your class intact
Instead of a free fall down this waterfall
Make like the ugly duckling, fly through them all

I've been inspired by Alt-J a lot of the time. They have a song called Ripe & Ruin. It is a wonderful song with only voices. The harmonies are amazing and the lyrics are powerful. Give it a listen.

I hope you enjoy!

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