Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Poorly Written Song

Prelude, purgatory, premonition
Present us with something less tangible than these limitations
Before we start, take a minute to fissure, for sure, finick wildly
The start of this song technically has no permission to begin
Instead, we give you a prelude and bid you adieu

Even purgatory has a resurgent, a repeating phrase or chorus
Over the next course, we shall claim victory in peace
Who is to say we need a break
A stopping point where we sit and take in some cake
Let us partake in the events after the prelude and allude furthermore

Evermore does something feel out of the norm
But when does normal provoke an unsightly premonition
Will it happen near the end, where the beginning never happened
We foresee no foreseeable future, but constantly seek closure
We do not need to close what never was opened, started or ignored
The prelude was never the beginning
The purgatory was never the break
The premonition was never the end

I enjoy wordplay a lot lately. This song is very confusing, but I hope I can make it into a song someday.

I hope you enjoy!

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