Thursday, August 8, 2013

Punch A Wall

I want to punch a wall to make the seasons fly by
Make summer into spring so then I'll have my step back
Time heals all says everyone in this world
Does anyone really know what time it is, asked Chicago
As each day slows, the more thoughts keep spewing
Luckily I keep my keyboard clean and phone turned off
Social media always knows how to make a day last longer
Check this, tweet that, like me, hate that
A never ending loop like a Vine video, you're trapped
Go take a walk, meet up at a bar, play games to take your mind off
These existing items mess up my fung shway
Give me a room, a white room with a record player
Make sure the walls are thick because i will punch a hole through them
The seasons will change with each blow from the wind

I hope you enjoy!

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