Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Run Casey Run

One lap down fifteen to go
You are doing great
Remember to stay on your platform

Two laps
Making great pace
Breathe in through the nose
Then out the mouth

Three down, almost half a mile
Why is this song playing
Talk about a one hit wonder
I ain't no scrub

Half mile, another half equals one
My legs feel pretty good
I wish I wasn't so cold
Hey, who is that

You passed the halfway mark
Another crappy song
Thank God I was born in the 90s
I can take you higher

Three laps then one mile
Keep going
Don't give up
Where is this energy coming from

Almost a mile
Can you believe it
Great pace
Keep it up

Finish this lap then we can really push it
Push it real good
I can see the end
You got this

One mile out of the way
Remember this is the first
Do not forget
For your health

Lap two of two
My platforms are failing
Don't worry, the pain will go away
Nose then mouth

Three laps, almost another half
Great timing
I love this song
Don't go chasing waterfalls

Almost mile and a half
You are doing great
Keep going
Never give up

Half a mile over
Five, remember, five
Speed up soon
They have not been running as long as me

Six, can you believe it
Only three more
If you count this one
You have to count every single one

Number seven, speed up
Let's get this over with
What song is this

Last lap, you got this
Run and don't fall
You're about to finish
Kill me

I pretty much this when I run. I'm not even kidding.

I hope you enjoy!

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